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MMM.ME Blog Terms of Use
MMM.ME Blog Terms of Use
The MMM.ME Blog Terms of Use constitute a part of the MMM.ME Terms of Use.   The MMM.ME Blog Terms of Use (Hereby also referred to as "This Document") and the Fundamental Guidelines section of the MMM.ME Terms of Use apply to the use of the MMM.ME Blog service.
1. Private Information
MMM.ME Blog complies with the MMM.ME Privacy Policy when managing and protecting Users' Private Information.
2. Prohibited Conduct and Bans
  1. Users may not engage in any conduct or commit any acts prohibited by the Fundamental Guidelines, or any corresponding suspected act.
  2. MMM.ME retains the right to take all measures or procedures against Users who violate the Fundamental Guidelines or Article 2.1 of This Document.
  3. Whether or not a User's conduct or omission counts as a violation is the right of MMM.ME to decide.
  4. MMM.ME cannot be held responsible to Users for the deletion and/or erasure of posts etc. which violate This Document and the Fundamental Guidelines.
3. Age Restriction
Pages and content which only adults are permitted to view exist on the MMM.ME MNOTE Service (Hereby respectively referred to as "Adult Pages" or "Adult Content".) The Adult Content provided through the Adult section of Our Service(s) is not determinately sexual content.
1. Conditions relating to Adult Content
  1. Adult Content is only permitted to be viewed by Users over the age of 21. Users under the age of 21 are expressly forbidden from viewing Adult Content.
  2. Publication and/or release of Adult Content is only permitted within the Adult Content section of Our Service(s).
  3. Any Adult Content including people photographed or videoed, performers or models etc. who are under 21 or can not prove they are 21 or older is expressly forbidden to be released on Our Service(s).
4 . Discontinuing the Service
When a User wishes to discontinue use of the MMM.ME Blog Service they may do so from the MMM.MEID management screen.  Users relinquish responsibility under the MMM.ME Blog Terms of Use, only once said User has completed the process of service discontinuation.  Users relinquish all rights they had using MMM.ME Blog the moment they discontinuing the service.
5. Amendments to the MMM.ME Blog Terms of Use
All Users of MMM.ME Blog acknowledge and accept any and all amendments, changes and revisions to This Document as they occur.

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