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MMM.ME Terms of Use Agreement
Gemeral Rules
These terms (Hereby referred to as the "Terms of Use" or "This Document") constitute an agreement with MMM.ME, Inc (Hereby referred to as " MMM.ME ") and all concerned, in relation to MMM.MEID and all MMM.ME Services (Hereby referred to as "Our Service(s)" or " MMM.ME Service(s)"), to make our operation methods more clear and efficient.  When using Our Services, you automatically agree to our guidelines, and agree to the Terms of Use that display when registering to each individual service.  Those wishing to use Our Services, consent to the terms within This Document when applying to register. Those registered to use an MMM.MEID (Hereby referred to as or "Member(s)"), or all those (including Members) who potentially use any of Our Services (Hereby referred to as "User(s)") consent to holding full liability.
Fundamental Guidelines
Fundamental guidelines are applied in common to all who wish to use the services of MMM.ME.
1.Privacy Policy
1-1.Privacy Policy Cover
The Privacy Policy applies during the full duration of use of Our Service(s). The personal information collected from users will be managed according to our privacy policy. This Privacy Policy does not apply to individuals or firms who do not directly use MMM.ME services.
1-2.Use of Information
The personal information we request from User(s) is limited to the minimum necessary. Information from IP addresses, cookies, visited pages etc. are automatically received from the user’s browser and saved onto our server(s).
MMM.ME may use the information for the following reasons.
  1. In order to improve Our Service(s).
  2. In order offer new services and correct information to User(s).
  3. o contact users if needed.
  4. In order to provide better conditions for User(s).
1-3.Personal Information
MMM.ME will never sell or lend out personal information acquired from users.
MMM.ME may use the information for the following reasons.
  1. When requested by official facilities such as court or the police.
  2. If there are any life threatening reasons or emergency situations.
  3. When required to provide Service(s) to User(s)
  4. When companies entrusted by MMM.ME require the information in order to provide Service(s) to Users. (These companies are not allowed to use the personal information for any other purposes.)
  5. When its considered necessary in order to protect MMM.ME's rights and/or assets aginst User(s) violations of the Terms of Use.
For security reasons, MMM.ME requires password access to all MMM.ME user information.
SSL code is used to protect your information in the event of data transfers.
1-5.Amendments to the Privacy Policy
MMM.ME retains the right to amend and/or alter the Privacy Policy in part or full. We will inform Users of any important changes on the MMM.ME website.
2.Using Our Services.
2-1.MMM.ME ID Application and Consent
An MMM.ME ID application constitutes MMM.ME lending a UserID and password, necessary for use of Our Service. However, in the event that information supplied by the User during application contains falsehoods, or in the event that MMM.ME concludes that a User's use of MMM.ME ID is inappropriate, MMM.ME retains the right to cancel any Members' MMM.ME ID. Minor children may not establish an Account without the consent of a parent or guardian. MMM.ME is not obligated to notify the Member about the cancellation.
2-2. Notice and Contact
MMM.ME will notify users about necessary information, in a matter MMM.ME considers appropriate, including through our website or e-mail.  When such notices are sent by email or over our website, they may come into effect from the point they were sent. Users do not retain any right to refuse emails from MMM.ME, and Users are obligated to inform us of any change in contact email address, immediately. Users acknowledge that MMM.ME does not accept contact by phone, fax or visitation. All notices which require replies must be replied to within 168 hours(Statutory Period). If MMM.ME does not receive a confirmed reply within statutory period, MMM.ME retains the right to freeze and/or cancel Users' account(s).
2-3. Registered E-mail Address, User ID and Password
Users are held fully responsible for their registered email addresses, User IDs and Passwords. By applying, Users agree that MMM.ME cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage caused by a User's mistake and/or inproper use by a third party. Furthermore, MMM.ME is not obligated to reissue Users' email address, User ID or password.
2-4. Transfer/Sale of Service Privileges
Users are in no way permitted to sell, transfer or loan their service privileges to a third party without expressed approval from MMM.ME.
2-5. Access
All Users are required to have Internet access in order to use MMM.ME services. This Internet access will need to be installed and maintained at the User's own expense. MMM.ME is in no way responsible for arranging Internet access for Users.
2-6. Traffic and Domain
MMM.ME retains the right to set and alter limitations to file sizes, savable domain space, and data transfer on its services, where otherwise undefined, and may do so at our own discretion.
3. User Content
Members retain copyright and other privileges for all original, accessible information and creations on forums, blogs, websites and other MMM.ME services that they themselves create (Hereby referred to as "User Content" or "Content"). All User Content may be used, edited, translated, published, performed, presented, promoted or distributed by MMM.ME unconditionally. This is essential for the continual running of MMM.ME Services. Users express their consent by agreeing to these Terms of Use.
3-1. Third Party Contents
Users and/or Members may use, trade or download software from third party individual or business services when using Our Services. In this case the User must have permission or an agreement with the third party, separate from This Document. This Document has no legal affect on said separate agreement.
4. Prohibited Conduct and Bans
MMM.ME expressly prohibits the following conduct on Our Services. MMM.ME retains the right to ban, without warning, any User who has engaged in prohibited acts or conduct; and may demand compensation or reparations from any User who caused any form of damage to MMM.ME or a third party.
4-1.  Prohibited Conduct and Bans
MMM.ME expressly prohibits the following conduct on Our Services. MMM.ME retains the right to ban, without warning, any User who has engaged in prohibited acts or conduct; and may demand compensation or reparations from any User who caused any form of damage to MMM.ME or a third party.
  1. Breaching the trust of, or defaming other Users or third parties. Infringing others' Privacy rights, Image rights etc.
  2. Infringing on other Users' and/or third parties' industrial property rights (patents, trademarks etc.), copyright, trade secrets and/or intellectual property rights.
  3. Uploading or posting unlawful content, and/or supporting illegal activity.
  4. Maintaining content which violates local, regional, national, or international law; in particular that which violates Montenegro, Japanese or US law.
  5. Depictions and/or conduct that go against public order or are immoral. Publishing and/or releasing vulgarities, in the form of video, audio, image, text etc. against other Users and/or third parties; or assisting in such an act.
  6. Hindering, interfering with, disturbing or blocking the use of Our Services to other Users, or engaging in conduct or performing actions which cause difficulty for others; or assisting in such an act.
  7. Engaging in discrimination against individuals, specific groups, government organizations, nations, products, political administrations, religions, ideas, ideologies etc. ; or engaging in slander or libel or any similar act that causes defamation to others; or assisting in such an act.
  8. Claiming to be another individual, business or organization, regardless of whether or not such an entity actually exists; and/or falsely claiming to be partners and/or in collaboration with an organization or business; or other such acts.
  9. Violating another's privacy rights by posting or publishing private information about that individual, or violating another individual's image rights.
  10. Acting in such a way as to place burden on MMM.ME 's server(s); disrupting, damaging, limiting or interfering with MMM.ME 's or others' computer software, hardware capabilities etc. or assisting in such an act.
  11. Posting the same, or similar, post or comment repeatedly. Spamming and/or trolling or other such acts.
  12. Engaging in conduct which is detrimental to the healthy development of, or causes harm to minors (child pornography, bestiality, obscenity, sending or posting violent images or text ), or anything that promotes or assists such conduct.
  13. Using Our Service(s) as a medium to do illegal business.
  14. Establishing or recruiting people into pyramid schemes or other similar acts.
  15. Selling or attempting to sell Our Service(s) to a third party.
  16. Using, registering or upgrading mass amounts of software or programs, causing high access, and preventing our service from operating as intended.
  17. Deleting or concealing MMM.ME's advertising apace, or altering the position, color, size, code or other such properties of advertisements.
  18. Engaging in any other action which MMM.ME deems to be inappropriate.
4-2. Prohibited Conduct and Bans
Users are forbidden to publish or post any of the following kinds of text, image, music, video etc. violates any third party's ownership, copyright, intellectual property right, trademark right or publicity right. Even in the event that such data is set as private or limited in its Exposure Settings, applicable data is considered a violation the moment it arrives on MMM.ME Server(s).
  1. Content, including music and images, that a third party owns the property rights, copyright, intellectual property right, trademark or publicity rights to
  2. Content which violates another's privacy and/or image rights.
  3. Defamatory or libelous content.
  4. Immoral or obscene content. Content which goes against public order.
  5. Content that contains excessive solicitation into religion, excessive advertising or unscrupulous business methods, such as fraud.
  6. Discriminatory content based on race, religion, ethnicity or gender.
  7. Content that facilitates and/or supports criminal activity, including but not restricted to vandalism, suicide, illegal drug use, burglary etc. 
  8. Violent and/or obscene content.
  9. Child pornography, child prostitution or similar content.
  10. Any other content which MMM.ME deems to be inappropriate.
4-3. Prohibited Conduct and Bans
MMM.ME retains the right to deem what counts as a violation.
  1. Members who have been deemed to have violated the Terms of Service and have their accounts frozen or canceled, will also have their contracts canceled. Even if this occurs before a contract is due to finish, the remaining money will not be refunded
  2. If a User(s) uses Our Service(s) maliciously or takes advantage of a system malfunction to commit violations; or uses Our Service(s) inappropriately, in such a manner that MMM.ME loses money, MMM.ME may demand financial restitution from the corresponding User(s) based on the damages inflicted.
5. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME takes absolutely no responsibility for any of the following.
5-1. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME is in no way liable or responsible for content that users create themselves on Our Service(s) (Hereby referred to as "User Content" or "Content".) Users retain full statutory liability, including any and all court costs or damage payments due to their User Content. Also, content violating Montenegro, Japanese or US laws and/or regulations, as well as violating others' privacy or intellectual property rights; or libelous, defamatory or intimidatory content; and/or immoral or obscene content is the full responsibility of the User to delete swiftly. MMM.ME does not take responsibility for any User Content, and is not responsible to Users or third parties whatsoever.
5-2. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME also does not guarantee the continuation of any of Our Service(s) whatsoever. MMM.ME retains the right to discontinue any or all of our services without forewarning, or to convert previously free services into pay services. (We will endeavor to continue services, but may not be able to due to unforeseen circumstances.) MMM.ME also retains the right to deny use, without forewarning, in particular cases. Please use Our Services with a full understanding of these Terms of Use.
5-3. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME cannot be held accountable for any trouble you experience during use of Our Service(s). Users are responsible for managing their content. As such, if Users are in anyway harmed or experience damage or loss due to another User's Content MMM.ME is in no way responsible for compensation. This is especially true for Users engaged in business, who are obligated to explicitly specify the contractual relationship between themselves and other Users. All Users engaged in business, using MMM.ME Service(s), must attempt to prevent or resolve any potential or resulting issues between themselves and others.
5-4. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME is not obligated to monitor or delete User Contents. Users retain all responsibility for all their Content. MMM.ME is not accountable for any damage or loss caused to Users or third parties due to any such Content.
5-5. Limitation of Liability
In such cases where a User is harming or causing damage to other Users and/or third parties; MMM.ME retains the right to delete and/or freeze the applicable User's ID and/or Contents, without forewarning, and at MMM.ME 's own discretion.
5-6. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME will not disclose any personal information that Members/Users present us, such as your address, name, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, etc. (Hereby referred to as "Personal Information") to other Users or third parties without the consent of the User. However, in the following cases MMM.ME retains the right to disclose Personal Information to third parties.
  1. Public institutions such as courts or the police, lawfully appeal for an inquiry.
  2. There appears to be imminent danger to a person's life, physical wellbeing, and/or property; and MMM.ME finds an urgent need to disclose the information.
  3. The sharing or disclosure of information is found to be necessary by MMM.ME, in order to provide desired Service(s).
  4. MMM.ME finds it necessary to disclose the information to other company(s) working with us, to better provide Service(s) to Users. (Such companies may not use Users' Personal Information, that MMM.ME provides them, in anyway that exceeds what is necessary to reach the intention stated above.)
  5. MMM.ME finds it necessary to disclose such information in order to protect MMM.ME 's legal rights, property and/or Service(s); due to actions or conduct conducted by a User in violation of these Terms of Use.
5-7. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME accepts no responsibility for any damage or losses incurred to Users accessing external links posted on MMM.ME 's site or in a User's Content. All Users must acknowledge that MMM.ME can not be held accountable for the security, validity, integrity or accuracy of the information on any external sites.
5-8. Limitation of Liability
In the case that a User creates merchandise and/or other salable Content which violates the Terms of Use, MMM.ME takes no responsibility for the freezing of the offending User's contents or the refunding of money to purchasers.
5-9. Limitation of Liability
MMM.ME takes no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred from Users using Our Service(s), Users not be able to use Our Service(s) or Users not using Our Service(s).
6. Discontinuation of MMM.ME Service(s)
6-1. Discontinuation of MMM.ME Service(s)
MMM.ME retains the right to modify Our Service(s) without forewarning Users.
6-2. Discontinuation of MMM.ME Service(s)
MMM.ME may also, due to maintenance, system restoration, power failure, natural disaster or any other Force Majeure; permanently or temporarily discontinue any number of Our Service(s). In such cases we will attempt to notify Users beforehand; but in emergencies we may not be able to.
6-3. Discontinuation of MMM.ME Service(s)
MMM.ME retains the right to modify Service(s), or partially or completely discontinue Service(s) at MMM.ME 's discretion, at any time MMM.ME deems appropriate. When or after a Service(s) is discontinued or erased, MMM.ME retains the right to deem whether or not to erase all posted data on MMM.ME servers (or third party servers used by MMM.ME).
6-4. Discontinuation of MMM.ME Service(s)
MMM.ME is not liable to any Users, and is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred due to the discontinuation of Our Service(s) for any reason.
7. Guarantee Limitations
MMM.ME will always try as hard as possible to maintain stability in Our Service(s), business practices, use and effects of use. However, MMM.ME does not guarantee any of the following.
  1. Continual operation. Operation of service(s) without interruption.
  2. Total or complete recovery or restoration of any Service(s) that experiences a defect or bug.
  3. That destructive and/or malicious components such as computer viruses do not exist within Our Service(s).
  4. Provision of security methods to secure against the above 3 items.
8. Exemptions (Force Majeure)
MMM.ME can not be held accountable for not meeting, or being delayed in fulfilling it's obligations in these Terms of Use, in the case of natural disasters, inaction by authorities, fire, strike, flood, pandemic, violence, acts of war or other such circumstances which are reasonably beyond the powers of MMM.ME to control.
9. Disputes
  1. The laws of Nevada, USA are applied to these Terms of Use.
  2. Any disputes resulting from the use of Our Service(s), will be resolved through arbitrary proceedings recognized by the state of Nevada.
  3. If a resolution cannot be made through arbitration, a Nevada State District Court receives exclusive jurisdiction rights.
  4. The parties concerned are responsible for their own legal costs in court and arbitration.
  5. If any clauses in This Document are found to be invalid, or otherwise non-binding, by a court; all other clauses will still remain as valid and binding.
10. Advertising
  1. All business relating to placing advertising on Our Service(s) is the responsibility of Users and corresponding advertisers. MMM.ME holds no responsibility for any losses or damages suffered, due to the posting of advertising on Our Service(s).
  2. MMM.ME may modify advertising space, position and/or display duration without forewarning. Users agree to and acknowledge this.
11. Revision of our Terms of Use
  1. MMM.ME retains the right to alter or revise these Terms of Use at any time, as MMM.ME deems necessary, without the consent of Users.
  2. New stipulations in a revised Terms of Use will come into effect immediately after the Terms of Use have been posted onto the web.
12. These Terms of Use
  1. This Document is translated version of the original Terms of Use (the Japanese version). All Users agree and acknowledge that the original Japanese version is legally binding.
  2. If there is any difference or a contradiction between This Document and the original Japanese version, the original Japanese version will be given priority.

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